Sunday, 8 January 2017

Sweatshirt Season

Moonlit mornings, frosty starts and laddered tights are what can spring to mind when it comes to the winter months. The summer still feels like forever away, while the satisfying season of mulled wine and mince pies seems like a distant memory. We're officially mid-season, meaning we're at that awkward stage of the year where we don't know whether to brave the winds in a sleek shirt dress or hibernate until March in our favourite Uggs and skinny's combo.

Snuggling up in a fleece lined layer can make that 6am wake up call that bit more bearable. Turn your off-duty sweatshirt into an office friendly outfit with the addition of a leather skirt. If you're feeling brave - ditch the opaques in favour of bare legs and ankle boots for a look that will take you from your morning commute to Friday night cocktails without the need of a 5pm change. Take your sweatshirt into the new season by choosing one with a Spring-ready floral design; this embroidered piece from New Look will look just as stylish now teamed with red lips and over the knee boots as it will in April with your favourite sneakers and baseball cap. 


  1. Jumper looks so cosy!! Very cute look. x

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