Thursday, 12 February 2015

The Body Shop Shea Body Butter

The countdown to Spring has began and soon it will be time to replace our winter uniform of cosy jumpers and skinny jeans with a plethora of light summery dresses and spring time mini skirts. But after months of central heating, icy breezes and gloomy winters nights, it's not an easy task to release the denim and 300 denier tights from our manicured finger tips.

A whole season of cosy nights in and damp mornings has meant moisturising has not been at the top of our agenda. But fear not - The Body Shop has come to our rescue. The trusty beauty gurus at the high street hot spot have a delicious range of sweetly scented balms that relinquish the power to leave limbs luxuriously silky without upsetting even the most sensitive of skins. 

If you're not ready to embrace the summer just yet and head into the world smelling like a strawberry dream or a exotic coconut creation, by pass these balms and head straight to the Shea Body Butter. The simple concoction is infused with Shea oil soured from the Middle East where the glamazons of Ghana have been invigorating their skin with the liquid for centuries to shield their skin from the harsh Saharan winds. 

Lightly lace your legs in the gentle formula for a hint of every day glamour or really perk up your complexion and drench your body in the super rich butter before bed to wake up with outrageously glowing skin. 

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